We offer private and group lessons for all ages. Lessons can be customized to fit your specific needs and are available year-round. We'll help you improve your horsemanship skills regardless of what discipline you prefer. 

You will gain confidence, independence and learn quality skills, ranging from how to catch, groom, tack up and groundwork to riding English, Western or bareback. You're welcome to bring your own horse or ride one of the Rolling Ranch horses. Lesson length depends on the number of riders and ranges from one hour to three hours.

Private Lessons (all ages):  varies depending on instructor
Beginner to advanced riders 

Semi-Private Lessons (all ages):  varies depending on instructor
Maximum two riders

Stick-Pony Class (age 6 and under): varies on group size and instructor
No physical interaction with “live” horses, but offers the chance to see the Rolling Ranch herd. Serves as an introduction to horses, the barn atmosphere, safety, rules and routine. Use a Rolling Ranch stick pony or bring your own. Each participant is paired with an instructor. Class is limited to 15 participants.

Skills Class (all ages, skill levels): varies on class lesson and instructor
One topic per class. This a great way to improve the basics so when you do ride, you can focus on riding. Learning these techniques is vital to have more time riding. Topics include catch/release haltering, tacking up, grooming, bathing and clipping, bridling, groundwork exercises, trailer loading, tying, deworming, etc.